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DUON-Air™ Vented Helmet

Ultimate head protection for work at height and confined spaces

Vented height safety helmet features unique chinstrap buckle with variable fastening power allowing wearers to be fully compliant in complex environments containing different, changing hazards.

The first height safety helmet to fully conform to European Standard requirements for industrial and climbing situations and to meet all of the technical requirements for working at height and confined space.


DUON is the only helmet that has full compliance with two European standards, EN 397 and EN 12492, having a special chin strap buckle with a variable fastening power and variable venting.

The DUON-Air vented helmet version has vents that can be switched to give conformity with either standard. All switching is carried out without tools.

NEW VORTEX Harness, Quick Connect

The new lightweight VORTEX harness with integrated waist belt is designed for work positioning and fall arrest.

The breathable low profile back panel and waist pad provide support and protection while climbing. The waist pad is fitted with two side D’s.

SafeLock™ quick connect leg, waist and chest buckles make fitting fast and easy. Quick connect buckles also allows the harness to be removed without the need to re-adjustment.


Shoulder buckles allow quick and easy adjustment with one hand making the harness easily adjustable for offshore use. Elastic webbing retainers on strap ends allow slack webbing to be stowed neatly and easily.

Chest rings align the webbing to ensure a good fit giving maximum comfort and security.

The rear attachment point is positioned at the nape of the neck to eliminate discomfort when climbing WTG ladders. This high rear point ensures a more vertical orientation of the casualty when lowering during rescue and reduces risk of interference with the ladder rungs.

The integrated parking points allow lanyards to be stowed when not in use, yet break free in a fall preventing issues from incorrect loading. These are positioned on the shoulder pads to avoid the trip hazard associated with longer lanyards.

ELITE twin lanyard – oval, scaffold hook

High specification ELITE twin lanyard with integral suspension intolerance relief footloop. Deploys automatically providing support for both feet.

Allows continuous connection to a ladder or structure when climbing masts and towers. The lanyard also includes scaffold hook terminations.

The heightec ELITE twin lanyard is a premium product offering advanced safety features.


Heatshrunk absorber with replacement cover, tamper evident but with increased durability. Replacement absorber covers available to purchase separately.

Absorber will not deploy at force less than 200 kg. Minimum strength 1500 kg after deployment.

Patented HELIX™ ropes allow high degree of twist in lanyard legs minimising kinking which occurs with normal kermantel rope versions.

Large central ring provides parking point for unused leg and prevents issues caused by 3 way loading.

Unique serial ID number allows easy management of equipment.

Approved for users up to 140 kg.

Available lengths: 1.25 m 1.50 m, 1.75 m

NB: specifications and colour may change without notice.


  • High load rating
  • Durable protective cover
  • Built in suspension intolerance relief loops
  • Patented high twist HELIX™ ropes
  • Large central ring
  • Unique serial ID number

rope access kit

High specification industrial rope access kit with innovative new rope devices.

heightec enhanced industrial rope access kit features our innovative rope devices including EGO descender, QUANTUM back-up device and PULSAR ascender.

The EXTOL full body rope access harness is compatible with the SYNC removable chest ascender. The unique design increases comfort and makes ascending easier and more efficient. Removable chest ascender, increases usable lifespan of the harness.

heightec ascenders have high load ratings with double attachment holes and incorporate our X-Cam Pro™ technology. X-Cam Pro™ is an evolution on our already successful X-Cam™ technology, giving a considerable improvement over “traditional” sharp toothed cams.


The 4 step footloop replaces the 3 step giving greater versatility for the user. 

This rope access work kit is ready to use straight out of the bag and contains the following components:

DUON-Air technical safety helmet (MH02O)
EXTOL full body harness – quick connect (H22Q)
SYNC chest ascender (D44)
EGO descender (D35)
QUANTUM back-up device (D26)
PULSAR ascender – right (D40) – left handed version available on request (D40L)

The DUON-Air technical safety helmet allows for:
total compliance for complex environments with changing hazards full adaptability with configurable chinstrap and vents exceptional fit and stability with a unique adjustment system complete versatility; compatible with a full range of accessories

All work kits come complete with our versatile KARI transport bag (B30 – WLL 18kg). heightec’s new KARI bag range is tough, waterproof and suitable for storage and hauling. Designed specifically for work at height and rescue, the KARI transport bag range brings all the features of traditional dry bags but with increased protection.

Powerlock Tower Rescue & Evacuation Descender – alloy

Rescue descender specifically designed for 2 person “pick-off” descent up to 275kg.


  • Specifically designed for pick off rescue
  • Double-braking mechanism
  • High, 275kg load capacity
  • All component parts visible
  • Stainless steel friction surfaces


Patented GB 2 367 048

Very fine control with minimal “Go” position for maximum safety.

The “tail” rope can be pulled back though the device if needed, to remove slack or allowing the device to move back up an unloaded rope.

Locks if handle is released or squeezed too hard.

Suitable for 2 person loads.

In addition to the EN standard approval tests the POWERLOCK (D321) has also passed the EN12841C dynamic (drop) test with 275kg.

Patented duo brake mechanism increases friction under heavy loading and reduces rate at which friction is released.

Inspection and cleaning is simple as all component parts of device are visible and accessible.

Stainless steel friction surfaces for reduced wear and consistent performance.

Available in TowerPack – Tower Rescue System (WK33)

TOWERPACK – Tower Rescue System

50m self contained rescue kit for snatch or pick off rescues.

TowerPack Tower Rescue System to be used by trained persons to perform snatch or pick off rescues when a person has fallen or become unable to help themselves.

Self-contained rescue system featuring the advanced POWERLOCK descender CE approved, with secondary braking, variable friction and high load rating of 200 kg. POWERLOCK has also passed EN12841C dynamic (drop) test. POWERLOCK can also be used as a lowering device and the rope can be removed and re-threaded for multiple or repeat lowering operations.

The kit comes complete with pick off sling and safety shears. Descender has over lock to prevent accidental descent. Anchorage sling is protected by webbing sleeve. Packed in KARI bag with shoulder carry straps and carabiner loop.


A safe working load that allows for two large workers plus equipment, designed and tested for a two person load. The safety shears can easily cut a loaded rope or lanyard but help prevent injuries to the user and are attached via cord to prevent them being dropped. The descender has a large and easy to use handle that will stop the descent if pulled too hard giving a safe descent. Webbing straps for easy carrying plus a loop to clip the bag out of the way whilst on site. 

Rescue system also features the KARI 30 (B30). This form part of heightec’s new KARI range of tough, waterproof kit bags for storage and hauling. Designed specifically for work at height and rescue, the KARI transport bag range brings all the features of traditional dry bags but with increased protection.

NB: TOWERPACK is supplied unassembled, to request assembly please contact us

Core components:
POWERLOCK rescue descender
Tectra Rope 11 mm, 50 m – terminated
Sewn protected sling, 120 cm
Wire sling, 30 cm
Safety shears
KARI 30 transport bag, WLL 18 kg, 30 L with roll top closure.

Available rope lengths:
50 m (WK33)
100 m (WK34)

ROTOR Tower Crane Rescue System

heightec’s tower crane rescue system is designed to rescue a fallen person or casualty at high elevation who is unable to help themselves.

The ROTOR Tower Crane Rescue System is compact and easy to use, supplied in easy to carry, durable kit bag.

For recovery of a fallen person or casualty from a tower crane cab, jib or ladder by lifting or lowering.

The system is specially designed to allow automatic self evacuation, giving limited maximum descent speed.


Core components:

The heightec ROTOR constant rate descender with lifting capability and maximum speed limiter. The ROTOR is designed to rescue casualties from a tower crane, jib or or ladder by lowering or lifting. Comes with 9.5 mm rope.

Ultra compact DELTA casualty harness, one size fits all. Lightweight and easy to fit to an incapacitated casualty.

Locking extendable telescopic rescue reach pole extends for 3.5 m, which allows immediate connection to a person hanging suspended after a fall, on an extended energy absorbing lanyard.

Single stainless steel pulley – provides mechanical advantage to raise a load or deviate a rope.

Protected slings with fluorescent colour sleeve, movable for inspection.

The compact ROTOR Tower Crane Rescue System comes complete with a durable 50L KARI bag (WLL 18 kg). Throwline comes complete in KARI 5, 5L transport bag for attachment to harness or belt.

Available in two sizes: 50 m or 100 m.

Patented GB 2 515 341

Although designed for construction it can be applied to industries such as warehouse and distribution with high bay access and very narrow aisles.

CHRYSALIS Rescue Stretcher

Versatile rescue roll stretcher with patented integral casualty harness.

The integral body harness conforms to the dynamic performance requirements of EN 361 (full body fall arrest harness; unique to the CHRYSALIS). With 125 kg mass.

The CHRYSALIS rescue stretcher can be used for both horizontal and vertical lifting for rescue from a wide range of confined, exposed or high locations.

Made from reinforced coated fabric which gives unbeatable weight to strength. The full body casualty harness provides an unrivalled combination of fit, comfort and strength. Quick buckle system means using the harness is fast and simple.


Tested with 4m fall with a test mass of 125 kg.

The rescue stretcher has six patient restraint straps to ensure the casualty is kept secure as well as one head restraint system. The retaining straps are aligned for rapid fastening in an emergency situation.

Integral support stirrup of the stretcher enables vertical lifting from one lifting point.

High abrasion resistance of the outer case and the high visibility design ensures ultimate protection of the casualty.

Supplied with KARI 50 durable PVC storage bag.

Patented GB 2 403 422.

VANTAGE 5:1 Locking Casualty Pulley

For transferring a casualty onto a rescue system without cutting connections.

The VANTAGE 5:1 locking casualty pulley offers a strong, light, tangle free method of lifting a casualty onto a rescue system.

Extremely simple and intuitive to operate.

The VANTAGE offers 5:1 mechanical advantage if rigged (tail end is attached at the load being lifted).


The special sheath material is flexible yet highly compressible. Prevents tangling and provides cut/abrasion resistance.

All components of the VANTAGE 5:1 locking casualty pulley are approved as PPE. Functions as a secure single attachment so there is no need for an additional ‘rated’ connection.

Automatic locking allow efficient progress capture during rescue. The cam does not lock open, removing the risk of accidentally releasing the load.

8mm cord gives good grip for hauling.

1.5m length allows full arms length reach without excessive slack.

TRIPOD Portable Anchor

Portable TRIPOD anchor device for access and confined space rescue.

TRIPOD portable anchor device for access and confined space rescue. High strength aluminium with stainless steel fittings.

Strong box section construction gives a rigid, durable product.

Two attachment points enables multiple users and flexibility during use e.g. for attachment of separate suspension and backup systems.


Swivel attachments will self orientate connectors to correct alignment.

Guying attachments give added stabilisation.

Two section legs give compact storage.

Used in conjunction with a wide range of heightec rescue equipment, including the QUADRA multi-use rope device, self tailing rope winch, pulleys and heightec HURRICANE rescue hauler.

Height: max 2.31 m, min 1.6 m

Stowed: 1.75m, 0.70m circumference

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