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Liquid Splash & Infective Agents Resistant Coverall

  • Great penetration resistance against chemical liquid, blood, body-fluid and infective agents. Passes EN368 & EN14126: performance meet WHO protective clothing standard for Ebola.
  • Low linting. Reducing the risk of contamination to work environment.
  • Suitable for cleanroom. Pass ISO class 6 and above cleanroom standard.
  • Application: Epidemic prevention/biological hazards, clean room, asbestos handling, agriculture, automotive, chemical handling, electronics, engineering, paint spray, printing.

CE Certification

  • Type 5 against dry particle garment
  • Type 6 against light spray liquid garment
  • EN14126 against infective agents
  • EN1149-5 antistatic property
  • EN1073-2 against radioactive particulate contamination


    Optimal Design

    • Fit on body ergonomically. 3-piece hood and zipper fasten the edge of chin, the elastic perfectly embracing face curve and head shape can reduce the risk of exposure and seal fit the respirator and goggles.
      Fully elasticated waist and elasticated wrists and ankles which are suitable for body shape. It’s making work more convenient and avoiding particulates getting into clothing
    • Freedom of movement. Ample crotch giving more space and sharing the pressure while squatting or crawling; so, can avoid pulling rupture and burst.
    • Sealed fit & safety. From the shoulder, sleeve to legs, the outline of body shape is no sewing which is to reduce the risk of contamination invasion.
      Latex free. The non-latex rubbers are sewed outside of cuff to reduce allergy attacks.

    Use Limitations

    Do not use for:

    • Contact with heavy oils, sparks or flames, or combustible liquids
    • Exposure situations resulting in spray or liquid buildup on the suit
    • Environments with high mechanical risks (abrasions, tears, cuts)
    • Environments with exposure to hazardous substances beyond CE Type 5/6 certification
    • Environments with conditions of excessive heat

    Storage and Disposal

    • Store in dry, clean conditions in original packaging
    • Store away from direct sunlight, sources of high temperature, and solvent vapours
    • Store within the temperature range 15°C to 25°C (58°F to 78°F) and with relative humidity below 80%
    • Shelf life is 60 months from date of manufacture when stored as stated above
    • Replace garments if damaged, heavily contaminated or in accordance with local work practice
    • Electrostatic properties may be decay by wear, tear, contamination and time. Double check before using the garment.
    • Handle and dispose of contaminated garments with care and in accordance with national regulations

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