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Great super hero name

Can’t you hear someone say “Neomax to save the day”.  Harsh chemicals can go jump if they think they will be able to get through Neomax.  They will need some super sonic laser beam.


  • Provides protection against abrasion, cuts and hazardous chemicals
  • Remains flexible when used in refrigerated areas
  • Treated with Actifresh®
  • Launderable
  • Double-dipped neoprene with sandy finish
  • 100% cotton interlock lining brushed for extra comfort and absorption
  • Feel and flexibility of rubber with more versatility
  • Supported Neoprene glove


Oils, petrochemicals, that’s all you got?

These green premium PVC gloves are made to take the abuse from oils and solvents, petrochemicals and refining.


  • Maximum resistance to oils and solvents, petrochemicals and refining
  • Double-dipped sandy finish
  • Flexible
  • Non-slip grip in wet or dry applications
  • Soft jersey linings
  • Treated with Actifresh®
  • Nitrile reinforced


Freakish flexibility

Plyflex kicks butt with some freakish flexibility and performance.


  • Etched textured latex rubber coating
  • Excellent gripping power even when wet
  • Features Actifresh® to prevent bacterial build-up
  • Component Materials Comply with FDA Regulations for Food Contact


neoprene – not just for wetsuits

Our neoprene gloves on yellow latex are thick, waterproof, and an effective replacement for latex and vinyl products.  Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that maintains flexibility over a wide range of temperatures.  These gloves are ideal for general light-duty chemical applications and laboratory use.


  • Component Materials Comply with FDA Regulations for Food Contact
  • 28 and 30 mils Thickness
  • Flocked-Lined
  • Embossed Grip on Palm and Fingers


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