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Hard work demands hard-working gear

Vanguard Fire & Safety is the exclusive distributor for MCR Safety in Africa. MCR Safety has more than thirty years of experience as a leader in the field of personal protective equipment (PPE).

MCR Safety’s combined standard-setting products and industry-defining levels of service are backed by an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Three product brands — Memphis Glove, Crews Glasses, River City Garment — make up the heart of MCR Safety. MCR Safety was born out of the union of Memphis Glove, Crews Incorporated, and River City Protective Wear. These three industrial safety companies bonded with the goal of providing the best equipment at the most competitive prices, and with service that is second-to-none.

People who work hard know MCR safety gear delivers

Our gear defines safety in the PPE categories of Gloves, Glasses, and Garments. Hard work demands hard-working gear, and we’re ready for anything the day throws at us. This is the essence of MCR Safety’s commitment to our products, and to our customers who wear our gear every day of their working lives.

Memphis gloves

Memphis Glove offers the widest selection of gloves in the industry. It is known for its impeccable quality, available inventory and competitive pricing — tenets that are the foundation of MCR Safety. Our Memphis Glove brand has been tried, tested and trusted for over 35 years.
“Hard work spotlights the character of people:
some turn up their sleeves,
some turn up their noses,
and some don’t turn up at all.”

Hand protection test methods

A European Directive establishing harmonized standards for all PPE items used in the European Union went into effect during 2004. Many of our hand protection offerings reflect the CE logo and a 4-digit performance rating that measure abrasion, cut, tear, and puncture resistance (ACTP). Listed below are the four physical tests that are required for protective gloves under European Standard EN388 and the results necessary to obtain each performance level rating.
A glove’s overall performance score is indicated by a series of four numbers (0-4). Note cut resistant scores can reflect 5 as their highest ranking. These four numbers represent (in order) the four test criteria listed above. The higher the numbers, the better the performance. Manufacturers may use an “X” to indicate not tested.

In effort for our hand protection industry to have a standard performance level analysis, the International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) in conjunction with American National Standards Institute (ANSI) created test protocol known as ASTM F1790-97. Many of our cut resistant products reflect scores based on the portion of this standard for cut resistance which was developed in 1997. This cut protection performance test is often referred to as CPPT. Changes to the cut resistant protocol are pending at this time and may be adopted. The pending test protocol may require revisions to our advertised scores.

This test method is significantly different than the CE cut resistant method. Cut resistance with a weighted gram load is measured in relation to distance to cut. A total of fifteen cuts (each with a new blade) are conducted. Five cuts each are made at three different gram loads. Test values are scaled based on the blade performance with a neoprene rubber material.

Recognize performance levels for CE and ANSI/ISEA 105 are different test methods and are calculated differently. Grams are used for the ANSI/ISEA 105 and the EN388 uses an “index” with a different scale for scoring. Test methods cannot be directly related. Different standards mean different performance at the same “lever”.

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Protection in even the toughest conditions. These gloves will survive a physical beating.


Protection from a large range of chemicals, petrochemicals and oils. Essential in all work environments.

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