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UK Headlamp 3AAA Vizion I

For superior hands-free illumination in every situation, count on the Vizion I. Hit it, freeze it, dunk it—it will keep on working. The intrinsically safe Vizion I is remarkably lightweight and waterproof for use in the most challenging climates and conditions. Safety certified for use in hazardous locations.

  • Light output: 65 lm (high) / 35 lm (low)
  • Burn time: 13 hrs (high) / 17 hrs (low)

Vizion I

UK Headlamp 3AAA Vizion Z3

Looking for a headlamp that is smaller, lighter and brighter? Look no further than the UK Vizion Z3. The award winning Vizion I gets upgraded to over 210 lumens, added a 3rd power setting and increased the run time to over 32 hours.

Don’t worry, we kept all the good stuff… the patented, no-hinge design, Compound Path Optics (CPO) and the Thermal Recovery System (TRS).
Waterproof to a depth of 3m..

  • Light output: 210 lm (high) / 110 lm (low)
  • Burn time: 3.5 / 6.5 / 32 hrs (high/med/low)

Vizion Z3

UK Vizion Helmet Mount Kit – Black

The UK Vizion Hard Hat/Helmet mount was specifically designed to easily mount any Vizion product to any helmet or hardhat. With hi-strength adhesive, it creates a bond between the hard hat and the mount so the user can quickly and easily mount and remove their Vizion products. The Vizion will snap in and out of the mounting plate with ease using only one hand, so you can easily remove the light from the helmet for storing separately.

  • Easily attached to any hardhat/helmet with Hi Strength 3M® VHB tape
  • Weighs less than commonly used rubber straps
  • Easily mounts/removes Vizion products with one hand (even when wearing gloves)
  • Made from Glass Filled Nylon and anchored by a flexible polyurethane

Mount Kit

UK 3AA e-LED CPO Tail Switch Yellow

The UK 3AA eLED CPO is the most compact light in its class, so it can go anywhere you go, via pocket, belt pouch, or helmet clip. It features an entirely waterproof design for all weather use. Certified for use in hazardous locations – rated intrinsically safe.

  • Light output: 110 lm
  • Burn time: 8 hrs


UK 4AA e-LED CPO Tail Switch Yellow

The UK 4AA flashlights are one of the biggest selling certified 4AA lights in the world. The UK4AA eLED® CPO flashlight matches powerful performance with a sleek, compact design that can be operated with gloves. Its LED lamp is ultra-bright, long-lasting and provides a wide beam for superior illumination. Certified intrinsically safe for use in hazardous conditions and compatible with the Universal Helmet Mount Clip for hands-free operation. 

  • Light output: 120 lm
  • Burn time: 4-5 hrs


UK Universal Helmet Mount Clip 4AA/3AA

Attach a high intensity UK4AA, 3AA, or 2AA light to any hard hat or fire helmet for hands-free illumination. This Universal Helmet Clip attaches easily to any style of hard hat or helmet, and makes it easy to direct light to the required area.

Mount Clip

UK Lighthouse 4AA Extended runtime, eLED Dual Beam Safety Yellow

The new Lighthouse is a multi-functional personal lighting device. It can be handheld like a traditional flashlight, worn on a safety vest or other clothing, magnetically mounted on a metal work area, or stood up on any flat surface. The fully adjustable head can be moved and positioned in any direction to send the light exactly where you need it. It is the world’s most versatile flashlight in a compact, lightweight, and user-friendly design.

Adjustable head safety light pivots and rotates to put light right where you need it. Choose from a variety of configurations for the light that best fits your needs. Multiple Lighthouse lights provide shadow-free RALS lighting for your work area. 

  • Light output: 130 lm
  • Burn time: 8.5 hrs


Magnetic Base

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