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Attachment Systems

Information about our range of attachment systems

Lapel mic keeper

Threaded Stud Mount
Force: 340g
Extension: 508mm

Fire Mic Keeper

LED Box light retractor

For Streamlight, Fire Vulcan LED ONLY
Force: 1020g
Extension: 482mm


Small flashlight retractors

Recommended for small flashlights (4AA-2C)

Force: 340g
Extension: 508mm

Heavy Duty Snap Clip

Large flashlight retractors

For large flashlights (3C/4C/Rechargeables)
Force: 680g
Extension: 813mm

Brass Snap Clip

SS Snap Clip


Flashlight retractor kits with stabilizers

For small flashlights (4AA-2C)
Force: 340g
Extension: 508mm

Threaded Stud Mount

For large flashlights (3C/4C/Rechargeables)
Force: 680g
Extension: 813mm

Threaded Stud Mount

Retractor & stabilizer kit

Stabilizer eliminates flashlight movement Easy to remove for extending flashlight Works well with both right-angle and standard flashlights.


ACO-1001 Plastic Snap Clip

ACO-100 Stainless Steel Split Ring

ACO-1003 Side Release w/ Accessory

ACO-1004 Stainless Steel Snap Clip

ACO-1005 Stainless Steel Swivel Snap Clip

ACO-1006 Glove Holder

ACO-1007 Brass Bolt Clip

ACO-1008 Flashlight Stabilizer

Speciality product packages combine the proper retraction force, attachment accessories and mounting options for specific applications. Or you can choose whatever force, mounting option and type to create your own combination.

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