We at Vanguard Fire & Safety have claimed for a long time our TFT products are made to deliver water safely and reliably AND to endure the tough fire ground conditions fire-fighters face on a daily basis. The letter written below by a New York Fire Officer bears testimony to that claim, and reinforces our belief that TFT makes the toughest water-delivery equipment by far.

“Dear TFT Co., wanted to write to you about one of your products, an oscillating blitzfire portable monitor. In 2010 our Fire Co. responded to a fire alarm at a local lumber yard Whites Lumber Pulaski NY. This alarm involved over 20 fire companies. The blitzfire was deployed in the store section of the building. As the fire spread the blitzfire had to be abandoned and could not be retrieved due to fallen debris and the intensity of the blaze. Later during overhaul the blitzfire was recovered and considered a total loss. It was sent to our County training facility as a display object, I am employed at that facility and my curiosity caused me to connect the damaged blitzfire to “test it” to my surprise it actually functioned fairly well, charred and damaged as it was. I even photographed it in action. Thank you for building firefighting tools of this quality and durability. I will try to attach pictures of the unit in action in this e-mail. Again thank you.

Rich Brodeur 3rd Assistant Chief, Ringgold Fire Co. Pulaski, NY”


How it all started……

February 11, 2010, First Reported 8:00 p.m.

PULASKI, N.Y. — The cause of a fire that destroyed White’s Lumber, 3704 Route 13, remains under investigation. Numerous fire departments from throughout Oswego County assisted in battling the blaze that was reported at about 6:38 p.m. Thursday. Further updates as information becomes available.

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