Bullard is an internationally known manufacturer of high-quality personal protective equipment and systems designed to help save lives. Serving workers in the fire service and law enforcement markets, Bullard is a leader in manufacturing thermal imaging cameras and firefighter and rescue helmets.

Market Leader

Bullard has remained a manufacturing leader in its markets for more than 114 years. The Company maintains its competitive edge through advanced engineering technology, adopting the principles of ‘lean’ manufacturing, and offering value-added services. In addition, Bullard utilizes cross-functional teams to develop the most sophisticated, technologically advanced products designed with worker safety in mind.

We are a Company that knows the specific needs of the fire service. Bullard Thermal Imagers and Fire and Rescue Helmets reflect that knowledge and experience. With Bullard products, you’ll find the ultimate in toughness and durability. You’ll also find extraordinary service and the most innovative designs.

Fire Helmets

Bullard entered the fire service market with the introduction of its first fire helmet in 1930. Since then, Bullard has led the market in product safety with the development of the first fiberglass fire helmet in 1947, followed by the first NFPA-approved thermoplastic fire helmet in 1983, and a new helmet that incorporated a non-slip ratchet suspension with a knob in the back for simple sizing. In 2009, Bullard introduced TrakLite®, the industry’s first integrated helmet lighting system that blends engineering, functionality, and safety to help firefighters see forward in dark or smoky conditions. Bullard offers a full line of fiberglass and thermoplastic helmets for structural, Air Rescue, Rescue, and Wildland applications.

Thermal Imagers

Bullard introduced its first high-resolution thermal imager to the fire service market in 1998 with the innovative Bullard TI. This breakthrough in thermal imaging technology quickly secured Bullard’s market position as the industry’s leading thermal imaging manufacturer. In 2003, Bullard introduced its T3 Thermal Imager as the first palm-size, lightweight imager offering innovative features including the Electronic Thermal Throttle® and Super Red Hot colorization.

Three years later, Bullard introduced its state-of-the-art T4 Thermal Imager with its ultra-high resolution infrared engine, widescreen display, digital zoom, Electronic Thermal Throttle, Super Red Hot colorization and superior clarity. Bullard introduced the Eclipse® in 2009 as the industry’s first low-cost, lightweight, personal-issue thermal imager designed for every firefighter. In 2012, the Eclipse® LD was launched. The Eclipse LD combines the compact, sleek Eclipse design with a state-of-the-art thermal imaging engine and the latest Liquid Crystal Display technology on a large 3.5” screen. Bullard Thermal Imagers are built ‘Bullard Tough’ with durability, reliability, and usability.


Today, Bullard continues to lead the industry with innovative thermal imaging products and accessories designed specifically to meet the needs of firefighters. The Bullard T4N is the newest thermal imager from Bullard offering the latest in thermal imaging advancements while meeting all of the requirements of NFPA 1801, Standard on Thermal Imagers for the Fire Service, 2013 Edition. Bullard offers thermal imagers that meet the needs of every fire department with its Eclipse®, T3, and T4 Series thermal imagers.

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