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Safety cabinets

Since 1967 Eagle Manufacturing has been setting the pace for cabinets for the storage of flammables and other liquids. In 1997 Eagle designed a new state-of-the-art production facility and created a new cabinet design incorporating many new convenience and safety features. Cabinets are now available from 2 gallons to 110 gallons with many sizes in between to meet your needs. Eagle engineers are working constantly to develop new cabinets to meet the ever changing needs of today's business, industry and laboratories.

Spill containment

Eagle has redesigned the 2 Drum (1632) Modular Platform and 4 Drum (1634) Modular Platform. They now feature several improvements. Both products now have fork lift pockets, a redesigned flat top grating and Eagle's new built in U-channel connectors. They still are compatible with Eagle's Poly Ramp (Model 1689) for easy loading and unloading. Eagle has also redesigned the best selling 4 Drum (1645) pallet with a new lower 8" high profile and the 2 Drum Pallet (1620) is now lower at 133/4". The 4 Drum In-Line Platform (1647) has also been redesigned.

Safety cans

Eagle Type I Safety Cans Eagle galvanized Type I cans meet OSHA and NFPA Code 30 requirements and are UL and ULC listed and FM approved for safe handling and storage of gasoline and other flammable liquids. Eagle cans feature environmentally friendly Lead Free Technology, constructed of 24-gauge hot dipped galvanized steel. Other manufacturers' safety cans use lead coated terne steel.

HDPE & Stainless Type I Cans Eagle Type I Polyethylene Safety Cans are impervious to many liquid chemicals, acids, caustics, solvents and corrosives and help reduce the danger of explosions. These high density polyethylene cans are dent and puncture resistant and feature corrosion resistant stainless steel fittings and flame arrestors and have brass grounding connectors. Optional F-16 HDPE funnel aids in filling and dispensing. Eagle Type I Stainless Steel Safety Cans feature 24-gauge Type 316 Stainless Steel construction and are ideal when high solvent purity is essential. Both types of cans are FM approved and meet OSHA and NFPA Code 30 requirements. Type II Cans Eagle Type II Galvanized Steel Safety Cans feature two openings, one with a pressure-relief spring closing lid for filling, one with an actuated pour valve with a flexible metal spout for safer controlled dispensing. The filler spout and flame arrestors in both openings are a non-sparking design for flashback protection. Cans are available with 5/8" and 7/8" flexible metal spouts.

Plunger, bench, & dot safety cans

Eagle Safety Plunger Cans Eagle's Factory Mutual Approved Safety Plunger Cans are ideal for cleaning with flammable or volatile fluids. They feature brass flame arrestor dasher screens and pump assemblies and comply with OSHA standards. Available in galvanized steel and high density polyethylene for more aggressive solvents. When the dasher plate is pushed down, the safety can dispenses a small amount of liquid to easily moisten sponges or rags without messy or dangerous spills.

Safety Bench & Daub Cans for safer cleaning of small parts or swabbing of larger ones. Dasher screens act as fi re baffle. Optional parts cleaning basket. FM approved and meet OSHA standards.

DoT Transport Safety Can This Eagle Type II style Safety Can helps reduce the danger of explosion while dispensing flammable liquids through a flexible metal spout. Can has double-walled brass flame arrestors in filler opening and pour spout. Heavy duty roll bars protect both spouts and a thumb screw mechanism assures that the filler opening stays closed while being transported.

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