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Crews Glasses is one of the largest producers of safety glasses in the world. Crews offers the broadest selection of safety glasses anywhere – from economy single use glasses to safety glasses engineered to achieve a military ballistic level impact resistance at over 300 metres per second.

The perfect blend of the most comfortable and stylish protective eyewear featuring the latest in product innovation.

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Hard Work Demands Hard-Working Gear

Vanguard Fire & Safety is the exclusive distributor for MCR Safety in Africa. MCR Safety has more than thirty years of experience as a leader in the field of personal protective equipment (PPE).

MCR Safety's combined standard-setting products and industry-defining levels of service are backed by an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Three product brands—Memphis Glove, Crews Glasses, River City Garment— make up the heart of MCR Safety. MCR Safety was born out of the union of Memphis Glove, Crews Incorporated, and River City Protective Wear. These three industrial safety companies bonded with the goal of providing the best equipment at the most competitive prices, and with service that is second-to-none.

People Who Work Hard Know MCR Safety Gear Delivers

Our gear defines safety in the PPE categories of Gloves, Glasses, and Garments. Hard work demands hard working gear, and we're ready for anything the day throws at us. This is the essence of MCR Safety's commitment to our products, and to our customers who wear our gear every day of their working lives.

Safety Eyewear Overview

Following are different lens options, their applications, and percentage of visible light transmission for each lens. Please remember that these are general definitions only. Customers should consult with their site safety department or eyewear provider to ensure that the correct lens, spectacle, goggle or face shield is selected for their application. Duramass®AF4 Anti-fog Coating: Provides excellent antifogging characteristics in high humidity environments where sudden shifts in temperature occur. Duramass®Scratch-resistant Coating: Provides excellent durability and performance against surface lens scratching in harsh environments.

Lens Application Chart

Eye Protection Chart Clear

Clear: Provides excellent optics for general applications where impact protection is required. Nominal 85% VLT.

Eye Protection Chart Grey

Grey: For outdoor use where light and glare can cause eye strain and fatigue. Nominal 12% VLT.

Eye Protection Chart Light Mirror

Light Mirror Tint: For optional indoor/outdoor applications. Serves the same purpose as grey lens yet allows more visible light through the lens. Reduces glare from artificial light such as halogen and fluorescent. Nominal 39% VLT.

Eye Protection Chart Amber

Amber: Blocks the blue portion of the visible light spectrum, creating maximum contrast enhancement, particularly in low light. Nominal 85% VLT.

Eye Protection Chart Blue Eye Protection Chart Silver

Blue and Silver Mirror: For outdoor use where sunlight and glare cause eye strain and fatigue. 'Mirror' coating reflects light, reducing the amount of light that passes through the lens. Nominal 9% VLT.

Eye Protection Chart Dark Brown

Dark Brown: Outdoor protection from glare and reflection. This product is a code 2 shade 3 filter approved to AS/NZS 1338.2. Code 2 filters may effect colour perception for some wearers.

Eye Protection Chart Light Brown

Light Brown: Outdoor applications where sunlight and glare cause eye strain and fatigue. Meets colour traffic signal recognition requirements. Nominal 24% VLT.

Eye Protection Chart Light Blue

Light Blue: Serves the same purpose as the grey lens, yet allows more visible light through the lens for optional indoor/outdoor applications. Reduces glare from artificial light such as halogen and fluorescent. Nominal 47% VLT.

Eye Protection Chart Vermillion

Vermillion: Enhances contrast while reducing all colours equally for optimum colour recognition. Ideal for indoor inspection. 55% VLT

Eye Protection Chart Filter Shades 3.0 Eye Protection Chart Filter Shades 5.0

Filter Shades: Protects against ultra-violet and infrared radiation generated when working with molten metal, and in welding, cutting, soldering and brazing. Please consult your eyewear provider for further information.

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