Blue Sky

Twister 25mm

The 25mm Twister is designed for simple operation and rugged durability and its wide flat fog pattern makes it ideal for wildfire operations or wash down applications. The Twister is a Dual-flow nozzle with two flow settings of 37 and 90 l/min @ 7 bar.

All lightweight materials, hardcoat anodized aluminium. This tip only design has a twist "off" position for break-and-extend operations.

FLOW RATE: 37 & 90 L/min

Twister 38mm

The 38mm Twister with Dual-flow settings of 75 and 360 l/min @ 7bar features a pistol grip mounted below the stainless steel shut-off ball valve and incorporates a unique cut style of fixed fog teeth that provide a wide pattern.

All Twister Series ball shutoff models offer TFT’s unique quick change rear valve seat. The nylon shut off handle can be colour coded. Constructed from hardcoat anodized aluminium.

FLOW RATE: 75 & 360 L/min

Quadrafog 25mm

The 25mm QuadraFog is an excellent choice for hose reel use. With its optional coloured pistol grip, the compact QuadraFog is a lightweight, selectable flow, combination pattern nozzle. The uniquely cut fixed metal fog teeth produce a wide range of patterns from straight stream to narrow fog to extremely wide fog.

This series accepts either the FJ-DQ low-expansion or the FJ-MX-DQ FoamJet multi-expansion aspirating attachments.

FLOW RATE: 20, 40, 100 & 150 L/min

Quadrafog 38mm

The classic 38 mm QuadraFog is a rugged and dependable, FM approved, NFPA 964 compliant, selectable flow nozzle. Supplied with a stainless ball shutoff and stainless steel spinning fog teeth. Available with an optional coloured pistol grip.

All 38mm QuadraFogs accept either the FJ-LX-FQ FoamJet low-expansion or the FJ-MX-FQ FoamJet multi-expansion foam aspiration attachments.

FLOW RATE: 110, 230, 360 & 470 L/min

Ultimatic 25/38mm

The fully automatic Ultimatic available with 25mm or 38mm inlet is ideal for use on hose lines where superior flow and reach are required. Includes pistol grip mounted below the valve, flush without shutting down, six position detent flow control slide valve, “Gasket Grabber” inlet screen, and moulded rubber bumper with “power fog” teeth. Lightweight hardcoat anodized aluminium for maximum resistance to corrosion and wear. Swivel inlet as specified.

FLOW RATE: 40 - 500 L/min

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