Blue Sky

G - Force Nozzles

A new modular concept in water delivery.

Build your own nozzle to suit your departments defensive or attacking options.


- Articulated inlet option with BIC or NH couplings.
- Swivel inlet standard.
- Stainless steel debris screen standard.
- Large easy grip valve handle. Can be colour-coded

Selection ring

- Controlled pulsing mode.
- Selectable flow rates up to 570 litres/min.
- Large aperture flush.

Nozzle Tip

- Shock damper increases durability.
- Vulcanised bumper never comes loose.
- Spinning machined metal teeth on Teflon base.
- Large retro-reflective tactile position indicator.
- Accommodates FoamJet air-aspirating foam attachment.

Slide Valve Technology

- Reduces turbulence when partially opened.
- Six detent control flow.
- Maintains optimum stream quality.
- Limits water hammer.

Complies with EN 15182

TFT G-Force Nozzle

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