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Introducing the fire safety hood

Stanfield's Ltd is announcing a new line of protective hoods under the trade name Fire Safety Hood, There are two styles available in the well known fabric blend of 20% Nomex and 80% Lenzing FR. Both styles incorporate the quality features of two other Stanfield hood lines, Life Liners and Nova Scotia Textiles.

The fabric

The fabric is the increasingly popular 20/80 Nomex/Lenzing FR blend. Our new weight is 7.0 oz sq yd. in the traditional rib knit that now gives us 100% stretch. The unique characteristics of Lenzing FR, which is a derivative of wood, results in a TPP of 23.I at this lighter, more comfortable weight.

Because Lenzing FR Is a natural fiber, the fabric is both highly protective and very breathable.

The styles

The new hood styles are very close to the current Life Liners patterns. The FH33 uses the exact head pattern as the traditional Life Liners 23 hood. The bib is the same shape, and the back bib is sewn at the nape of the neck, which eliminates uncomfortable bunching. The front bib and shoulder seams are one inch shorter. This new hood's overall size exceeds NFPA requirements. The new FH36 is the Life Liner 26 "tube pattern" and meets all NFPA requirements.

Both styles maintain the critlcally important head width which is a key requirement for a secure mask seal.

The bib edge

The bottom edge of the FH33 is secured with a tight, crochet stitch, This stitch is very similar to the stitch used to edge fine cloth napkins. It removes the traditional, bulky binding that makes it difficult to tuck in the bib after donning and eliminates it from getting caught on the coat's upper closures. The key is that it is a tight stitch. It should not be confused with the sloppy, over lock stitch that has been attempted by competitors.

The Crochet Edge hos been used by Nova Scotia Textiles, the dominant producer of hoods in Canada since 1992. It is widely preferred by wearers.

Not one failure has been reported in 18 years.

The label

The FH33 use the Nomex label utilized by all Life Liners hoods, The label is sewn to the hood on all four sides to keep it securely attached to the hood even after repeated use and washings

Sewing the label on all four sides helps insure traceability and accountability.


All seams joining the fabric components are sewn with stronger f/at /ock stitching, replacing the double sewn seam which digs into the head when the helmet is tightened.

Part number: fh33

Content: 20/80 Nomex / Lenzing FR
Weight: 7.0 oz sq yd
Construction: Ixl Rib Knit
Stretch: 100%
Color: White

Head design:

Style: Separate head with sewn on back and front bib, The back of the head ends at the nape of the upper neck, The back bib is sewn at this point.
Layers: Two
Measurements: See chart on the right

Bib design:

Style: A two piece double layer yoke style bib is sewn to the head and forms a neck seam. The front and back bib are joined at the shoulder to form a notched shoulder seam on either side of the head.
Layers: Two
Measurements: See chart on the right

Face opening:

Face Opening Sewn with 1/2 inch elastic
Relaxed Measurement: 5 to 5.5 inches
Fully Stretched Measurement: Exceeds 15 inches


Head Seams: All head and bib seams sewn with flat lock stitch,Face Opening: Elastic sewn to edge with three thread overlook stitch; turned under and sewnwith a two needle cover stitch,
Bib Hem: The bib edge is hemmed with a crochet stitch,
Thread: 100% Nomex


FR label. All four label edges sewn to the hood.


Classified by Underwriters Laboratories to meet NFPA Standard I 97 I 2007 edition.

Thermal Protective Performance TPP
Before Washing: 23. I
After Washing: 27. I

Flame Resistance Test One
After Flame Before Washing: 0
After Flame After Washing: 0
Char Length Before Washing: 35
Char Length After Washing: 33

Part number: p849723es

Code: P849723ES
Fibers: P84/Lenzing FR/Kevlar
Blend: 40 / 55 / 5
Weight: 8.4 oz per sq yd
Arc Rating: 32 cal/cm2
Knit Type: Rib

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