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LTX Helmet

Lightweight. Heavy Duty.

LT Series fire helmets are designed Bullard Tough for extreme conditions. The tough shell, lightweight and compact design have been reengineered to offer even more headroom and comfort – making it the most comfortable low profile helmet on the market.

Tough and Durable

The outer shell of the LT is made of the same high-heat Ultem® thermoplastic used in Bullard PX fire helmets and thermal imagers. This thermoplastic provides unparalleled impact and penetration resistance. The revolutionary patented nylon impact cap performs like a traditional impact cap, helping protect against falling objects and heat rise, while offering a sleek, easy to clean surface.

NFPA Approved

The LT Fire Helmet exceeds the NFPA 1971, Standard on Protective Ensemble for Structural Fire Fighting and Proximity Fire Fighting, 2013 Edition Pertaining to Structural Fire Helmets.

Quick, Easy Sizing

The LT is designed for exceptional balance, comfort, stability and interface with respiratory equipment. The Bullard Sure-Lock® ratchet headband offers both a quick-turning sizing knob and a unique threeposition height adjuster to create a completely personalized fit. The LT helmet is equipped standard with a leather ratchet cover

Eye Protection Made Easy

Bullard LT Series helmets come standard with the innovative Quick-Attach Blade system. This system permits the wearer to instantly press on or off either a blade-mounted faceshield or blade-mounted goggles. This flexibility gives the firefighter the advantage of the right option for the right application without time consuming component changes. The LT comes standard with 4” faceshield. ESS FirePro and Inner Zone goggles available for additional charge.

Cost-Effective Maintenance

LT helmets are designed from the start to make maintenance easy and cost-effective. Fewer components and one of the lowest total costs of ownership in the industry will truly make your LT helmet a long-term investment. Plus, special mold-formed faceshields mean less stress cracking and longer lasting faceshields.

Engineered for Comfort and Protection

The Bullard patented M-PACT Shell with SmartRidge design provides thermal and impact protection while offering more headroom for a comfortable fit.

Integrated Helmet Lighting Available

The LT Fire Helmet is available with Bullard TrakLite® helmet lighting. Featuring multiple forward-facing, long lasting, bright LED lights, TrakLite is integrated into the helmet design for excellent weight balance and illumination. Added safety features include the rear buddy indicator light, long battery life (uses four AAA batteries) and easy on/off operation.

A Custom Fit

All Bullard fire helmets are equipped with the U-Fit System, offering 12 custom comfort settings. By engineering our helmets to include 12 points of adjustment, you can adjust the ride and balance of your helmet. It’s like having a custom-fitted helmet, designed just for you.

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Wildfire helmet

- NFPA certified

- Easily upgraded and accesorised

Bullard wildfire helmets offer unparalleled protection, versatility, and comfort even in the worst wildland fires.


Bullard wildfire helmets are made of a heat-resistant thermoplastic which offers superior impact and penetration protection in wildland fire fighting conditions. Several styles of nomex® ear and neck protectors are available for increased protection. The full brim provides additional protection from sun and airborne debris.

Nfpa approved

Wildfire helmets exceed the NFPA 1977 - 2011 editionstandard on protective clothing and equipment for wildland fire fighting.


Wildfire helmets are available in hat and cap styles. Standard features include goggle retainer clips for securing eye protection and scotchlite® reflective stripes for increasing wearer visibility.

Superior comfort and fit

Wildfire helmets are designed for exceptional balance, comfort and stability. Now, wearers will them find even more comfortable, with:

• more secure suspension attachments;
• simple headband adjustments for a custom fit;
• seamless suspension straps; and
• larger replaceable pillowed brow pad.

Easy-install suspension keys allow the suspension to lock into the shell with an audible click. Vertical height adjustments can be easily changed for a custom fit, and the floating headband offers a comfort fit for all shapes and sizes. For added comfort, the replaceable, extra large pillowed brow pad offers generous padding. The new suspensions are designed to offer extreme comfort and reliability.

Accesories & upgrades

- ESS Wildfire ANZI Z87-1998 Goggles for smoke & debris protection.
- Neck & Face Shroud for heat, flame and debris protection.
- Faceshield with aluminium visor bracket assembly.
- All suspension components replaceable.

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UST Helmet

Toughness and durability are inherent in this traditional series of fire helmets. The ust series of structural firefighter helmets provide traditional styling in an affordable, easy-to-maintain design. This helmet incorporates recommendations from veteran fire professionals from around the world.

Durability and comfort

With an outer shell made of fiberglass, the ust provides toughness and durability. The bullard 12-point comfort system allows for the ultimate in helmet comfort, no matter how firefighters like their helmet to ride.


The bullard sure-lock ratchet headband adjusts to the wearer's head with a quick turn of the knob. Additional adjustment points permit custom fit, personalized balance and interface with the scba.

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USRX structural fire fighting helmet

- Dual NFPA certification

- Three point chin strap

- Quick-attach visor

With the re-engineered usrx series structural and rescue helmet, you'll find more headroom than ever before. This advanced, lightweight thermoplastic helmet eliminates excess weight, reducing the stress and fatigue associated with bulkier helmets, without sacrificing protection.

Dual NFPA certification

This versatile helmet incorporates recommendations from usar teamsand other fire professionals. The result is an integrated assembly ofadvanced materials and quality components that provide superior headprotection, comfort and proven long-lasting durability.the usrx helmet is certified to both structural fire and rescue NFPAstandards.
• NFPA 1971, 2007:
standard for structural and proximity fire fighting
• NFPA 1951 - 2001 :
standard for urban search and rescue

Bullard tough

The outer shell of the usrx is made of the same high-heat thermoplastic engineered in bullard structural fire helmets and our full range of thermal imagers.

Quick, easy sizing

The bullard sure-lock® ratchet headband offers both a quick-turn of the knob and a new, unique three-position height adjuster for balance and comfort. The usrx is standard equipped with leather covered ratchet and a three-point chinstrap.

Quick-attach eye protection for flexibility

Bullard usrx series helmets come standard with the all-new and innovative quick-attach blade system. This system permits the wearer to simply press on or off either a blade-mounted faceshield or blade-mounted goggle in seconds. This flexibility gives the wearer the advantage of the right option for the right application without time consuming component changes. The usrx comes with a faceshield or ess goggles.

Cost effective maintenance

Usrx helmets are designed from the start to make maintenance simple and cost effective. Fewer components, and the greatest cost effectiveness in the industry, enhance your long-term investment.

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